To Love Is Not To Hurt

  • As Muslims, we are taught that there is a proper treatment of the blessings that Allah s.w.t. has bestowed upon us. We are duly informed to treat these blessings with care so as not cause harm or damage, and we are constantly reminded to always be thankful even if there are aspects of the blessings which we dislike. This week’s khutbah will remind us on the need to apply this treatment for the one blessing that we tend to always take for granted – our spouse.
  • Marriage is a highly-encouraged sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w. with the goal of establishing tranquillity, love and compassion between spouses. This is the paradigm of a blissful marriage as expressed in surah Ar-Ruum, verse 21. It is one that is characterised by mutual support and dependency.
  • Unfortunately, not all marriages reflect such ideals. Instead of tranquillity, there are spouses who live in fear of their partners. Instead of love and compassion, they live in constant anger and hatred towards their partners, Nauzubillah.