The Etiquettes of Enquiring

  • To ask and question are among the keys to attain knowledge. By asking questions we would better understand and comprehend a particular matter.  Its importance has been highlighted in the Quran and various Prophetic narrations. 

  • In our haste to enquire and ask questions, let us first familiarize ourselves with the right etiquettes that we ought to follow. For example, to enquire from those who are knowledgeable in the matter. Be known that by enquiring directly from a knowledgeable person in a particular matter, we would have performed an act of worship.

  • It is without doubt that one who answers questions, will also be required to adhere to similar etiquettes. Among which we need to know, is the background of the enquirer. An answer may seem apparent to us but should we fail to consider the enquirer’s situation, it may be deemed oblivious or even useless in the eyes of the enquirer.