Cultivating Care for Others

  • All these changes have instilled in us the spirit of caring for one another. Constantly wishing for goodness and wellbeing of others. We also support one another and never hope to bring others down, nor hurt or undermine them.



  • As one community, we play an important role together in helping and providing the required support to those who have fallen into the trap of drug abuse, in order to overcome their addiction. It is one of the ways to cultivate the sense of care for others as emphasized by our Prophet (s.a.w.).



  • For example, if you encounter someone who is facing this challenge, be it immediately or otherwise, you would know that they are in need of support and assistance. A caring believer would not stay silent and not do anything. On the contrary, a caring believer would encourage others to seek professional help to overcome such issues. One example would be through the National Addiction Management Service (NAMS) or through the website.