Instilling Values in Our Family Through Acts of Worship

  • With the coming of Ramadan and at a time when every Muslim is motivated to bring himself closer to Allah, one should also think of how to leverage on this month to close any gaps in one’s relationship with one’s family. We do not want to be among those who are diligent in performing acts of worship, fasting, performing terawih prayers throughout Ramadan, steadfastly seeking Allah’s forgiveness and His paradise, yet we are fighting with our family members, breaking the ties that bind us together, or not speaking to one another, be it between siblings, parents or parent and children.
  • This is a mistake of those who are fasting. When we allow for ties of kinship to be broken without any efforts to repair them, then it is feared that it will cause us to trip and fall at the gates of Allah’s Paradise. Ramadan is the perfect opportunity for us to strengthen our relations with our family members. This is because, it is a tradition for Muslims here to meet up and break our fasts together with family members, friends and neighbours. After that, they will pray together and perform terawih prayers together.
  • For those of us who have ended our relationships with others, this is also a good time to rekindle that relationship. By having good, strong relationships with our family, it will contribute to our internal happiness. This is because a person who is happy at home will be full of determination at work and school. Grab the opportunity presented to us in this blessed month to strengthen family relations as it will bring benefits to us as individuals as well as a community, and at the same help maintain the harmony of the country.