Sharing the Blessing of Ramadan

  • This Ramadan, let us bring to life the culture of sharing joy and hope with the people around us. There are numerous welfare organizations, mosques across the country, and individuals in need of help – they all await our support and contributions through zakat and charity. No contribution is too small in the sight of Allah (s.w.t.) because He does not look at the quantity, but rather our sincerity.



  • In fact, this Ramadan gives us the opportunity to share more than just our money and wealth. As we are aware, the slots for tarawih prayers at the mosques are rather limited, as there are safety measures in place to control the number of congregants in mosques. Nevertheless, we are still grateful that our mosques are open this year.



  • Whenever we make the decision to not book a slot to perform tarawih at the mosque, let us set our intention that it is a sacrifice on our part so that others can also take pleasure in performing acts of worship at the mosque. This intention will result in us getting rewards for several deeds at one time, such as: helping and making others happy as well as sacrificing what we love for the good of others.