Spreading the Message of Mercy

  • For past consecutive weeks, the Friday sermons have been discussing about relationships with others, Muslims and non-Muslims. This week, Friday sermon would share the importance of spreading the message of mercy. When interacting with others, let us emulate the character of Rasulullah s.a.w who was merciful and brought blessings to the universe. Let us be a Muslim community that is exemplary in our deeds and actions. Let us ensure that our speech and actions are gracious and respectful, and let us not allow for bad manners and demeanour to hide the beauty of the true teachings of Islam.
  • As Ramadan approaches, we are reminded that this is the time when the community is more active in organising and taking part in various welfare activities. Let us make it a personal goal to radiate blessings and mercy to every single person who interacts with us, no matter their religion or race. Hopefully it will be a catalyst for lasting peace, understanding and mutual respect. So let us pray to Allah to make us agents of peace. Seek from Allah that he places the key to peace in our hands, and in our future generations.