Trials are a Sign of Allah’s Love

  • All of us will surely be tested. Regardless of whether we are young or old, strong or weak, believers or not. This is the decree of Allah (s.w.t.) for His servants, to distinguish between those who remain steadfast and those who turn away from Allah and His mercy.


  • The truth is that goodness and blessings from Allah (s.w.t.) can also be a form of trial for us. For example, a person may be blessed with prosperity and wealth but does not use it for goodness such as helping those in need or giving charity. Instead, they become arrogant, greedy and only think of themselves. 


  • Therefore, here lies the importance for a believer to always remember Allah (s.w.t.) in all circumstances. A believer should not only seek and hope for Allah’s mercy when they are facing tribulations. Rather, they should remain faithful and worship Allah in whatever conditions and situations.