Knowing One of Allah’s Names: Al-Fattah

  • When a person understands these names of Allah and holds on to them, he will take every step in his life with courage and faith. For him, success is not merely achieving his goals and targets, but what matters more is the ability to acquire Allah’s blessings for his efforts, as each of them is a form of worship that earns him rewards from Allah



  • Allah al- Fattah opens the doors to His mercy to anyone that He wills. Allah provides countless opportunities for His servants to ask for forgiveness, no matter the variety and quantity of their sins. Allah opens the doors to His sustenance for all, including those who disobey Him.



  • Allah al-Fattah, the Opener, wants His servants to keep an open mind and heart. An open heart to the differences that exist, because this is the nature of Allah’s creations. We are also required to respect and appreciate one another, remain united, work together and remain cooperative. In addition, we must accept and be open to Allah’s decree, as well as the religious laws that He has set for us.