Tawheed and How It Affects Our Lives

Iman, or faith, is the most valuable gift for every Muslim. It is with iman that our lives are guided and focused, because iman helps us to be conscious of the reason for our existence, and our ultimate objective in life. Iman provides a straight and clear path for us, ensuring that we do not drown in darkness, lost without a certain direction. As true believers, our most basic belief is that "There is No God, but Allah, the One God. There is no God other than Allah. And He has no partners. There is none like Allah. Only Allah is The Creator, and only He can Create. Only Allah is The Owner of all, and Commands Over Every Single Thing in This Universe". No one can defy Allah’s decrees. Allah is The Sustainer, He determines, and it is Allah who provides sustenance to His creations. He is the All-Knowing of everything in the heavens and earth. Therefore jemaah, let us hold true to this very basic principle of tawheed. Strive to know Allah by seeking true knowledge about our faith, to ensure that our iman will be pure and not tainted. Iman that has been bestowed by Allah in our heart needs to be strengthened by obeying Allah.

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