Khutbah Aidilfitri- 1439-2018 The Meaning And Potential of Spirituality

  • A Mukmin who is rooted in spirituality will never be at ease upon knowing that there are people around him who are experiencing hardships and misery. If we are truly sincere in our faith, we would not leave them in difficulty. In his efforts to be close with Allah s.w.t., a Mukmin is obliged to befriend those who are in need. One who is pure in spirit drives his society forward and encourages the sharing of resources among its individuals.

  • A Mukmin who is rooted in spirituality will develop a strong sense of conviction that Allah s.w.t. is his guardian and protector. Hence, a Mukmin will never despair in life; rather, he will strive to persevere. His conviction in Allah s.w.t. will motivate him to strive hard and curb him from idleness, fear and worry.

  • A sense of spirituality that bolsters confidence is one which should be developed and fortified within our Muslim community. Especially amongst our younger generation who, as future torchbearers, must be confident in living their lives as Muslims. When we speak about Islam, we speak with confidence. When we spread rahmah, mercy and compassion, we do so with confidence. If we are living in a community, we should interact with confidence. If we are contributing to our society, our nation or perhaps even the world itself, let us do so with confidence.