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அல்லாஹ்வுக்கு கட்டுப்பட்டு நடப்பதில் பொறுமையுடன் இருப்பது

  • Sabr is not only applicable when we are facing challenges and difficulties. It is also needed for a Muslim to be obedient to Allah and to worship Him. This is because Allah created humankind as His creations with desires, or nafs. These desires will cause a person to want to indulge in activities that cause enjoyment, but at the same time, can cause one to neglect their responsibilities and obligations. Hence jemaah, we need to develop sabr as a source of internal strength to help us tame our desires, and to continue to obey Allah. Else, our iman will not be complete.
  • Sabr in obeying Allah is more important than having sabr in facing trials. Those who have sabr in being true servants of Allah will definitely be bestowed with a strong iman in their hearts to face any sort of trials in life. However, those who are patient in facing the challenges in life may not have the sabr to worship Allah. That is why there are people who are able to withstand all sorts of trials in life simply to achieve their goals, but do not have the patience to spend even five minutes to perform solat.
  • Hence jemaah, if we realise that we are not able to have sabr when we are being punished in the hellfire, or when we fail to be placed in Allah’s Paradise, or if we lose all of the blessings Allah has given us, then we should have sabr in obeying Allah. Be diligent and affirm our hearts in obeying all of His commands. Do not neglect our responsibilities and obligations. Be sincere in performing acts of worship solely for the sake of Allah. Perform them to the best of our abilities. Do not ever get sick and tired of obeying Allah, and do not ever give up in making doa to Allah. May Allah grant us sabr in obeying Him and performing acts of worship.