Aidiladha Sermon 1442H - Purity Brings Honour

  • Every step we take in this life is for us to improve ourselves and achieve success, like the example of a group of people climbing a mountain to reach its summit, we need to work together, hand-in-hand and complement each other. Our strength and honour come from the spirit of helping one another in goodness, as the Quran mentions (at-ta’awun ‘ala al- birr wa at-taqwa). Each of us fills the gaps that we see in one another.



  • Being open to receiving advice will help us to be a better person, and eventually a better society, where we are able to identify our shortcomings and improve ourselves and our contributions to society. This is a healthy culture that should continue to be nurtured and promoted. Leadership cannot work well if it is blinded by arrogance and haughtiness, unwilling to receive any form of advice. By giving advice to one another, we are able to continue to build and develop our religious institutions and strengthen them further.



  • In this current situation, let us not allow false news to worsen and frighten the elderly. Such as claiming the vaccine to be harmful. Each of us longs for the situation to recover as soon as possible. Therefore, we need to continue to strive and accept the views of experts. Those who have not taken the vaccine should take it immediately. Those who have taken the vaccine, should then encourage their relatives, especially the elderly, to get vaccinated.