A Religious Life Based on Knowledge

  • All of us here will agree that religion is the most important aspect of our lives. Religion is not only important as a source of morality and ethical values for humanity, it is also our compass to the truth. Furthermore, religion provides spiritual guidance and faith for humanity. It is through religion that a believer (mukmin) is able to develop his spirituality. True spirituality provides balance in the lives of believers in difficult times when facing the realities of life.
  • Hence, to ensure that religion can play a pertinent role and that it will have the intended effect in our lives, every Muslim must make certain that the religious knowledge and information that they hold on to is accurate and derived from authentic sources. This will allow one to fully develop his or her religious life. This is because one’s practice and application of the religion will be based on the knowledge that one has acquired.
  • In order to help them differentiate and reject deviant as well as extremist teachings, and to enable them to identify the truth from falsehood, they require strong religious foundation. We need to ensure that live by Islamic teachings and uphold the religion. We are also responsible to ensure that the religious education received by our families are authentic and proper, that it is conducted in a dignified setting and managed by qualified asatizah.