Islamic Considerations for Lived Realities

  • The true understanding of religion will never be separated from the reality of our daily lives. That is the reality. This understanding is what has been instilled by scholars when they wrote their books. They do not only record knowledge, but they strive to provide solutions to issues faced by the people in their time. The treasury of their knowledge always appreciates both context and realities.



  • This is extremely crucial, because when a person fails to find the relation between a religious injunction and the reality of life, it will only create confusion. Eventually, one fails to truly appreciate the religion when a ruling is implemented without understanding the reality of life. It will only bring destruction and deviation, because that is not the path set by the prophets and not from the traits of our religion.



  • Just look at how we are standing in our rows in congregational prayers, the safe distancing measures we are observing when in mosques, so on and so forth. It proves that some adjustments are still needed. In fact, these adjustments are based on the traditional Islamic scholarship by referring to general principles of religion, making the work done by the past scholars as a source of reference and a treasury of guidance.