Sharing our Blessings with Others

  • Among the bestowals that Allah s.w.t. has blessed us with is the gift of wealth, health, knowledge, protection from tragedies, peace in our homeland, the prosperity of our country, and many more.

  • These countless blessings granted to us by Allah s.w.t. are a sign of His Greatness and His Might. These blessings also reflect Allah’s mercy upon us, in easing and facilitating our affairs in this world. They can also serve to test our iman and patience as servants of Allah, to see if we are grateful for the blessings that we have been given, and how we utilize them towards a path that will please Allah s.w.t.

  • Islam encourages every individual to donate and offer assistance to those in need. Just as how some people are tested with the abundance of wealth, there are also others who are tested with the absence of wealth. There are families among us who are faced with difficulties in their daily lives. They do not have access to facilities that can make life easier, and they do not have anyone who can offer them financial aid or assist them in getting an education, or even a chance at employment.