Aidilfitri Sermon 1441H - Success within Sacrifice

  • This year, and in these unique times, Eidulfitri symbolises much more than just victory. It reminds us of our continued struggle and sacrifice as we play our part to protect lives and keep everyone safe. We struggle with all the swift adjustments we have had to make - to stay at home and worship with our families.



  • As we live through this crisis, we have learnt a lot about ourselves and our community. Our homes have been transformed into a work place, a classroom or many classrooms for some families, a place of worship and a place to rest. We therefore learnt that we have it in us to be that bit more patient and resilient to overcome the most challenging circumstances in life.



  • So for the time being, we have to adapt in the ways we maintain our good relations (silaturrahmi) with our families. This does not end nor weaken because we cannot visit them. Pick up our phones or use video calls through Skype or Zoom or Whatsapp, wish them well on this day and seek their forgiveness. And when you put down the phone or end your call, recite a prayer for them.