Achieving Calmness and Tranquility

  • It is undeniable that life is full of trials and tribulations. Each and every one of us will be tested according to his/her abilities. When we are being tested, our religion teaches us to be patient (sabr), and believe that there is wisdom or hikmah behind every test. At times, when one is being tested, one may start to complain and whine, while others may even put the blame on fate itself. There are even those who believe that the reason they are being tested is because they have failed to attain the love of Allah s.w.t. and that Allah s.w.t. is not pleased with them.
  • When Allah tests a person, it does not mean that Allah s.w.t. hates him/her, but in fact it could be otherwise. At times, a person is tested because he/she is most loved by Allah s.w.t. He/She is being tested as kaffarah (expiation) for his/her past sins. Now that we understand better the wisdoms behind why Allah tests a mukmin, the question that follows is how one can be patient (sabr) and remain calm throughout trials and tribulations.