The Act of Forgiving and Pardoning Others

  • As Muslims who are bound together by faith, it is certain for us to interact and communicate with our friends, family or relatives. Amidst doing so, we may have caused others hurt, which if left unmanaged, could harbor feelings of resentment and vengeance.
  • In our daily interaction we will definitely encounter harsh words and disparaging acts that will offend and cause anger. It is with patience and resilience; does one find the ability to control his emotions.  As much as we long for Allah’s forgiveness, we too should reciprocate by pardoning others whilst having an open heart and mind in dealing with these matters.
  • If we have wronged anyone, it is only appropriate that we come forward to seek forgiveness.  By acknowledging our mistakes, we rid ourselves of our ego and achieve tranquility and peacefulness in our hearts, free from feelings guilt.