Lessons From Surah Al Hujurat - Reconciling Relationships

  • The heart is like the opening of a jar, while the tongue being the lid of the jar.  When the lid is opened, the contents within the jar will be seen.  Thus is so, for our tongue and heart, of which one’s speech will represent the state of one’s heart.  Verily, a believer will be concerned for his heart’s condition. 

  • The khutbah reminds us on the importance of maintaining kinship and relationships.  In general, we will always face various challenges in our interactions with friends, colleagues and even family members.  It is part and parcel of living in a community.  But shouldn’t believers be people who will not only foster good relationships with Allah s.w.t. but also pay similar attention to their relationships with fellow humans? One who understands the true nature relationships will soon come upon the realization of his relationship with Allah s.w.t. For on the day of Judgement, he shall stand in front of Allah s.w.t., accountable for all his speech and actions.