Rahmah In Giving

  • Jemaah, we are aware that by fasting and experiencing Ramadan, we are able to empathise with the difficulties and hardship of experiencing hunger as experienced by those less fortunate than us. This is among the hikmah and secret of fasting. This is to help us in being more grateful of Allah's blessings upon us, and not to immediately whine and grumble when Allah s.w.t. tests us by holding back some of His blessings.
  • We need to go further in order to truly appreciate the hikmah or wisdom behind fasting. This can be attained by appreciating the concept of sharing our blessings, and this is done by extending help to those who need it, by paying our zakat, as well as giving charity.
  • Zakat is a crucial social instrument to maintain peace and stability in a community because it ensures that the allocated portion for those who are in need reaches them and they are secured of their daily needs. This includes a place to stay, food to eat and their other daily needs.