Aidilfitri Sermon 1442H - Religion as Source of Hope and Well-being

  • Alhamdulillah, our community has responded well towards calls to apply the Islamic teachings that is not separated from the reality of life. We have risen to make changes that are not due to weaknesses in faith and knowledge, but because of our confidence that Islam advocates us to find solutions. Islam moulds us into people of noble qualities that are able to thrive in time of difficulty or ease. In fact, the qualities and values of our religion are more prominent when facing trials and tribulations.



  • It has been more than a year that we are faced with a situation which brings unprecedented challenges in every aspect of our lives. If we are paralysed by fear in the face of crisis and are unable to think of a solution, or reject efforts to overcome it, surely this crisis will be lengthened. It will result in more pain and suffering. This is similar to our religious understanding. Without any changes and efforts to assist the community in overcoming this difficult situation, we will undoubtedly face hindrance and difficulties.



  • As we rejoice in commemorating a month of fasting, let us exhibit the spirit to battle against this virus. Let us remain vigilant and take the necessary precautions when we are visiting later, especially when we are visiting our elders. I acknowledge that surely every one of us misses and wishes to be in their presence. However, we have to be cautious so that we do not endanger our elders. Let us also strive to make our Hari Raya this year one that is safe. Let us spare no efforts in preventing any infection throughout Hari Raya and even afterwards. This should be our contribution.