Family Life Lessons from the Stories of the Prophets.

  • The family institution is an important pillar of a harmonious society. A family that is harmonious, compassionate and supportive of one another, reflects the social progress of a society.

  • The story of Prophet Ayub’s resilience and perseverance in facing Allah’s test is one of the many stories recorded in the Quran. Prophet Ayub a.s., who had been blessed with countless bounties, was tested with various challenges that led him to lose his children, wealth, and even his home. He was then struck with an illness that caused his health to deteriorate, until he was too weak to fulfil his duties. Despite his predicament, his wife chose to stay by his side, communicating with him with patience. As a result of their perseverance, Prophet Ayub a.s. regained his health and was once again blessed with sustenance from Allah.

  • There are several important lessons that we can gain from the story of Prophet Ayub a.s. Amongst them is the virtue of patience that is crucial in family life.