Ramadan: The Month for Building Spiritual Resilience

  • In just a matter of days, we will be welcoming the month of Ramadan; the month of barakah, rewards and forgiveness. It is a month that is aimed at nurturing our takwa, awakening our spirit of worship and heightening our iman which may have faded after Ramadan left last year.
  • With the start of Ramadan, we will also start an act of worship that is very special as it is not made compulsory in the other months – and that is the act of fasting. From the moment we start fasting, we are in a strategic position to increase our rank in Allah’s sight.
  • While we are fasting and desiring Allah’s paradise, do not do anything that may cause us to trip and fall upon reaching the doors of Paradise. Many among us fast but we neglect the seemingly small matters that might seem unimportant but actually have a important consequences.