Uswatun Hasanah – Words of Kindness

  • Each individual has the right to express their views and feelings through words, be it physically or online. However, the words we utter have an impact in the lives of others. It may cause someone to change for the better, or it may hurt them to the point it damages the ties of kinship between two parties.



  • I believe that one of the steps we should take is to reflect upon what we have said, whether it enables us to be closer to Allah (s.w.t.), or further away from His grace.My dear congregants, among the deeds that can be one of the reasons that bring a person into paradise is saying good words. Likewise, a person who is not careful with his words – every utterance, lies and words will be recorded by the angel.



  • This is applicable to religious matters as well. We should not be quick to jump to conclusions regarding certain religious ruling without proper study. Especially if it is an issue that has different views among scholars. Therefore, we should be cautious when we speak and respect different views. The difference in views should not be a reason for animosity and conflict, or for the ties of kinship to be affected.