Knowing and Loving the Prophet s.a.w.

  • The birth of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was an outpouring of mercy for all humankind . He was the light that illuminated the darkness which enveloped the world before his birth. He established the ties of brotherhood and ended the enmity among the people. The Prophet s.a.w. is the role model for all humankind.



  • Therefore, in our efforts to show our love for him, we are highly recommended to learn about the stories of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. By doing so, it will increase our faith as well as our love for him, and make us Muslims who are constantly grateful with Allah’s blessings.



  • Therefore, let us strive to be on our best conduct and to present the best of our behaviour at all times. Let us observe our conduct with our neighbours, our conduct with our friends, and more importantly, our conduct and behaviour with our closest family members.