The Virtue of Ihsan in the Life of a Muslim

  • Ihsan can also refer to performing our responsibilities or tasks with excellence. Ihsan is not only demonstrated through ritual acts of worship, but it also encompasses all forms of goodness, and that goodness is to be extended to all of Allah’s creations, including animals, the environment, and all of humankind. It is an all-encompassing virtue that permeates various aspects of our lives.
  • Ihsan can be demonstrated by donating to the RLAF Fund for Humanitarian Relief in Gaza. Donations can be made online through the RLAF website. The deadline for us to contribute is today before midnight. Let us all take advantage of the opportunity to donate as much as we can for this humanitarian relief fund.
  • There is no small or large contribution in the sight of Allah (s.w.t.), but that it will be rewarded and recompensed manifold.