Community of Rahmah

  • Alhamdulilillah. We are indeed fortunate to be the chosen servants of Allah s.w.t to be in this blessed month of Ramadan. It has almost been a week since we entered this month of rahmah, this month of mercy. Regrettably, the arrival of this blessed month was tainted by several catastrophic attacks against humanity.
  • The Islam that we believe in is the Islam that spreads mercy to humanity. It is the Islam that seeks to build a community of rahmah; it is the Islam that spreads love and unity, not hatred and division. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is the paragon of mercy. In building a community of rahmah, Rasulullah s.a.w taught us to extend kindness and mercy to others regardless of one’s religious affiliation, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.
  • Allah s.w.t has created us to be different with the objective that we make efforts to know one another. We are called upon to be kind to one another, to be friendly with each other and to be part of the community we are in – whether we are in a Muslim community or otherwise.