The Spirit of Being Merciful with others

  • This week khutbah, we will talk about another aspect of mercy or rahmah that was displayed by Rasulullah s.a.w. towards others, regardless of their religious beliefs. Rahmah is a very important trait to have when interacting with other people. It is a medium for building a community that can live in peace, harmony and prosperity, especially in the context of a plural country like Singapore.
  • Our beloved messenger, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., was full of mercy. And he reflected this wherever he went. While speaking to those older than him, he would engage them with rahmah. When spending time with children, he would attend to them with rahmah. And when he interacted with those from different faiths, he would colour his interactions with love, wishing for prosperity and peace upon them.
  • That is the mercy sought by Allah, and is the kind of mercy shown by Rasulullah s.a.w. throughout his life. May we be able to emulate the mercy shown by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. when we interact with others, so that we can all enjoy the harmony and prosperity of our country together.