Lessons from the Story of Habil and Qabil

As we are still in the blessed month of Zulhijjah, let us take some time to reflect upon the story of the sons of Prophet Adam a.s., Habil and Qabil, and the sacrifices that they offered to Allah s.w.t.. There are several lessons that we can learn from this story. First: Noble intentions and a sincere heart will not only help us to get our deeds accepted by Allah s.w.t., but it will also enhance the quality of our worship and make us appreciate the wisdom behind every deed. Second: the story of the two sons of Prophet Adam a.s. teaches us a valuable lesson on the status of our hearts and how it requires constant nourishment of good values and positive characters. A heart that is void of goodness will in turn be replaced with mazmumah or negative traits such as vengeance, jealousy, enmity and hostility.

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