Forgiveness and Kindness Towards Others

  • Each of us yearns for a life of happiness and harmony with our loved ones and community members in general. This has been set by Allah and is also emphasised in our religion. In this month of Syawal, let us develop the moral values to strengthen our ties of kinship with our brothers and sisters.



  • As we constantly interact with one another, the act of forgiveness becomes a necessity because we are all humans who tend to make mistakes, be it intentionally or otherwise. There are times when we offend others, and some other times we are offended by others. Thus, we must realise that we all have two roles to play: seeking forgiveness from others and also forgiving them.



  • Forgiving one another and spreading kindness during Aidilfitri is a sign of mercy that needs to be continued after Ramadan. It is also an effort to follow the steps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) as a mercy to the universe. Our Prophet (s.a.w.) was a man with the kindest of hearts, who always accepted others and always ready to forgive. Subhanallah! There was not a shred of resentment in the heart of our Prophet (s.a.w.). This is an example that we should strive to follow, my dear brothers.