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"ஸப்ர்" (பொறுமை) சொர்க்கம் செல்வதற்கான அனுமதிச் சீட்டு

  • The patience exemplified by Rasulullah s.a.w and the other prophets is the best form of patience that we should strive to emulate as we face life’s trials and challenges. We should understand that developing sabr is not something optional. In other words, it is a necessity for a person to have sabr in order to boost one’s level of morality and spirituality. The tests and trials in life present opportunities to humankind to prove their confidence in Allah s.w.t. and to decide if they are worthy of Allah’s rewards and praises.
  • Let us all reflect upon ourselves and be remorseful over our shortcomings. We have yet to be tested by Allah with tests as challenging as those faced by the Prophets and the companions. In fact, we would not be able to bear the burden of such tests. However, we can strive to emulate the sabr shown by the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, by educating and training ourselves to have sabr when we are obeying Allah’s commands, or when we are tested with a tragedy. Patience is highly valued by Allah, and we need to consistently develop it in ourselves. And it is that kind of sabr that will place us among Allah's slaves who are honest and will be the dwellers of Allah’s eternal Paradise.